The Secret Life Of Harvest Mice As Never Seen Before -

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The Secret Life Of Harvest Mice As Never Seen Before

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Peek-a-boo: An inquisitive mouse balances on two ears of wheat to take a close look at one of the cameras
A stunning and rare insight into the secret tiny lives of adorable harvest mice is revealed in incredible pictures captured painstakingly over 12 months.
Photographers Jean-Louis Klein and Marie-Luce Hubert, both from the Alsace, France, spent the year snapping the furry subjects in a project that ended with their release into the wild.
Laying patiently in meadows and reed beds, the pair were able to capture the fascinating images.

Hang on a mo: A harvest mouse uses all four legs and its tail to steady itself on two stalks of grass as it snares a cicada in the reed beds of Alsace, France
 A female harvest mouse rolls her baby carefully up a plant stem towards her nest, while a cobweb creates a stunning backdrop for a male perched on canary grass
 Safe as houses: A harvest mouse keeps watch from the safety of its nest made from Phragmites reeds
 Hang about: A harvest mouse shows its agility climbing down a wheat stalk, while young harvest mice put their tails to playful use during a display of acrobatics
 Mother love: Inside her nest, a female regurgitates to feed her ten-day-old babies
Steady on: A harvest mouse wraps its tail around a plant stem to help it balance while it investigates


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what an excellent pics..

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memang kagum...Subhanallah...

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