Mother Of Parliament :Will we ever see this at Westminster? -

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Mother Of Parliament :Will we ever see this at Westminster?

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Working mother cradles her baby in sling as she casts her vote at EU Parliament
Mrs Ronzulli, an MEP from Italy, took her tiny daughter Victoria to a vote at Strasbourg. She kept her baby carefully cradled against her in a sling and occasionally leant to kiss her on the forehead. 
The 35-year-old was taking advantage of relatively relaxed rules that allow women to take their baby to work with them.
 Sweet dreams: Licia Ronzulli's tiny baby sleeps peacefully in a sling tied round her mother's shoulders at the European Parliament
However, the trend seems unlikely to catch on at Westminster.
Mrs Ronzulli won her seat in last year's elections and is a member of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's People of Freedom Party.
Victoria was born on August 10. Her father is also a member of People of Freedom and he is called Renato Cerioli.
Mrs Ronzulli is from the Lombardy region of northern Italy and won her seat with 40,000 votes.
Mrs Ronzulli continued with business as normal, only pausing to plant a tender kiss on her child's head
 The baby did not even seem to be a distraction to the rest of the members of the Parliament


Unknown said...

"bring you daughter to work day" masa aku blajo kat sana dulu ada hari camtu.. tak terbayang kalau Malaysia buat camtu
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RuSh D said...

bagus r ibu nie..huhu

Hidayah Ismawi said...

best nyer ..hehe.. relax ajer dia kan? kat sini mesti semua pandang semacam ...

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Anonymous said...


Ibu di Malaysia belum tentu akan buat macam ni. Risiko anak-anak mengganggu ketika ibu mereka bekerja sangat besar. apapun, syabaslah kpd mrs ronzulli ni

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