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Future : C.R.A.B. Police Robot

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 This stunning robot called C.R.A.B. will provide a peek into the future of Policing. Could this be the next replacement for the Police patrol officer, armed guard, or even a substitute for the Police patrol vehicle (and driver)? Such a machine could revolutionise the nature of Policing; combining the role of a Police vehicle and Police Officer into one, utilising advanced robotics and artificial intelligence technology. For now it’s just a concept created by talanted artist Jamie Martin using 3D software but it’s brilliant idea. Apart from the concept Jamie placed this robot into relevant interior. So that’s not just an ordinary work. Check photos and video of this creative and extremely high-quality and you will be impressed!


Q said...

dah mcm dalam cite terminator dah.
namenya mr krab. huhuhu

Unknown said...

cantik dan kemas
tapi nampak besar sangat la

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