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Future : 3D Express Coach

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It's certainly one way to beat the traffic.
Named the '3D Express Coach', this innovative design was proposed by engineering firm Shenzhen Huashi Future Parking Equipment as an answer to the China's overcrowded roads.
The bus will allow cars drive underneath while the upper level is carrying passengers.
The design is for an electric bus that is almost 15 feet high and solar-powered. It will be able to travel at speeds of up to 37mph but will be able to carry as many as 1400 passengers at one time.
While it will cost 500 million yuan (4.6 million) to build the bus and the tracks along which it will run, the firm claims this is only 10 per per cent of the cost of an equivalent subway system.
Cars driving underneath the bus' arch would be warned as they drive when it was about to make a turn.
Radar scanners inside the bus would also warn cars if they were driving to close to the bus' wheels.
A pilot scheme for the bus will take place in Beijing’s Mentougou District, with construction on the first 186km of track due to begin at the end of this year.


mira_nas said...

wah~~~ macam2 ye sekarang..

Unknown said...

nanti boleh la pi sana bila siap kot..

zulkbo said...

nampak hebat..
agaknya ada di Malaysia
tak nanti?

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