Nokia launching phone charger powered by a bicycle -

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Nokia launching phone charger powered by a bicycle

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Nokia are releasing a new mobile phone charger that can charge up the battery in your mobile using the power generated from riding a bicycle.
The device is really aimed at developing countries where electricity is not as widely available as in developed countries but the whole idea could take off anywhere.
This would certainly apply to somewhere like Amsterdam where bicycles are a popular mode of transport for getting about the city.
The new Nokia bicycle charger will fit any Nokia phone that has a 2mm charger jack. The charger comes with a charger kit which includes a special holder for attaching the charger to the bicycle’s handlebars where the phone slots into, and a generator which is attached to the bike’s fork.
Electricity is generated by the movement of the wheels so as you pedal you create the power. In order to charge up a phone you would need to cycle at a speed of about 6 kilometres an hour or more and the faster you go the more your battery gets charged.

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