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Hydrogen fuel cell car

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 A prototype of the Riversimple hydrogen fuel cell car at De Montfort Hall in Leicester
It is the car that delivers the equivalent of 300 miles per gallon and produces water instead of exhaust fumes.
This pollution-free two-seater uses hydrogen to generate the power to drive its electric motors. Thirty of the cars, which have a top speed of 50mph and a range of 240miles on one tank of hydrogen, will be available to 'guinea-pig' motorists in 2012.

 A close up view of the engine inside the car which uses clean hydrogen in a fuel cell rather than petrol
The technology powering the car works through a chemical reaction similar to traditional electrolysis experiments familiar to generations of schoolchildren.
The highly explosive hydrogen is not burned.  Instead, the gas flows over a membrane in a special 'fuel cell' where  the chemical reaction produce electricity, which in turn powers the electric motors on the wheels.
The only emissions out of the exhaust are pure water - from the hydrogen gas reacting with oxygen to produce H20 - and a little heat.

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