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Underwater Cleaning Station

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This amazing picture, taken by photographer Mike Roberts in Puako, Hawaii, shows a turtle getting a spring clean from a shoal of yellow tangs
In a similar scenario to a normal car wash, the turtles take it in turns to swim into this make-shift 'cleaning station' for their daily wash.

Photographer Mike Roberts, 60, snapped the incredible picture while diving at Puako in Hawaii.
He said: 'The turtle is visiting a cleaning station of yellow tangs.
'This is a very common occurrence - the tangs hang out in the same area everyday and the turtles take turns floating mid water allowing the fish to work on all areas of his body.
'In this symbiotic relationship, the tangs eat by cleaning algae from the turtle.
[sumber :dailymail.co.uk]


piewahid said...

slm cikgu,
haiwan pun pandai idup tlg menolong.

Mr. Asada said...

waaa~ pandai la diorang ni bekerjasama.. huhu...

*ikan kuning tu kat fishville fb leh cecah ribu2..

Hairun Azmi said...


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