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Future :Skinput Gadget Turns Your Own ARM Into A Touchscreen Display

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Those who find the touchscreens on their ever shrinking gadgets too fiddly to handle, will be glad to hear scientists are developing a new touch surface... your own arm.
Developers at Microsoft Research and Carnegie Mellon University are working together to create an armband that projects an interface directly on to your skin.
They have combined a mini projector which creates a changing display with a sophisticated sensor that can tell which part of your arm is being tapped.
Skinput could solve the problem of ever shrinking gadget screens
 A video showed how Skinput could recognise a telephone number being typed out on a hand 
The researchers showed Skinput can be used to control audio devices, play simple games like Tetris, make phone calls and navigate simple browsing systems.
Lead researcher Chris Harrison from Carnegie Mellon University told the Mail Online: 'This is cutting edge technology and we really are seeing the future here.
'The project is going very well and I think you'll begin to see such interfaces emerge within the next five years.'
The gadget effectively turns your arm into a touchscreen surface by picking up various ultra-low sounds produced when you tap different areas.
Researchers said our skin is perfect as it is a display surface that we always take with us


Kaito said...

peh..mantop nye...hebat....tapi macam susah je nak pakai...=)

piewahid said...

20 tahun lagi xtau la pulak cmne gadget yg timbul...

Jawa a.k.a USERMODE said...

hurm. ini bukan sama ke konsep ngan "any-surface-touch" yang dah diperkenalkan dolu oleh microsoft tapi still dalam testing lagik?

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