Tradition : The Oldest Still-Inhabited Cities -

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Tradition : The Oldest Still-Inhabited Cities

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Damascus, Syria 
Damascus, the current capital of Syria, has a long and colorful history that stretches back nearly 12,000 years. Located in a fertile region well-watered by the Barada river, Damascus was a prime target of numerous kings and conquerors – and often wound up on the losing side.

Over 4 million people live in metropolitan Damascus today and, partly due to a skilfully constructed network of canals built nearly 3,500 years ago, boasts a multitude of parks and green spaces. Since 1979 Damascus has been UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Susa, Iran
Dating back to approximately 8000 BC, the ancient Iranian city of Susa rose to prominence again and again under Elamite, Babylonian, Achaemenian, Greek, Parthian, Sasanian and Persian civilizations.
Today Susa is known as “Shush” though things have rarely been quiet there over its very long life. Susa is where the sole representation of the Code of Hammurabi was found. The 7-foot tall basalt stele was taken back to Susa in the 12th century BC and rediscovered in 1901. It now resides in Paris’ Louvre Museum.

Tyre, Lebanon
 Source of prized Tyrian Purple dye and home base of those legendary master traders, the Phoenicians, Tyre was truly a wonder of the ancient world. The city was located on a walled island just off the coast of Lebanon and managed to thwart every siege until Alexander the Great built a causeway so his soldiers could march up to the city walls.
The causeway changed the flow of the sea currents and caused the island to become permanently joined to the mainland. Today Tyre is Lebanon’s fourth-largest city and can proudly trace its history back nearly 6,000 years.

Athens, Greece
The capital of Greece is home to over 4 million today and is the 5th-most populous capital city in the EU. With its soaring Acropolis and majestic Parthenon symbolizing the golden age of Classical Greece and the foundation of Western civilization, Athens has been lived in for approximately 3,400 years.

The city has not always enjoyed prominence, however – by the early 19th century it had deteriorated to a backwater town with only a few thousand citizens. That all changed when Athens was named capital of Greece in 1834, with the city truly coming of age due to the many infrastructure improvements completed in time for the 2004 Olympic Games. 
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Jj said...

nice place ..

afzainizam said...

Salam Maulidur Rasul dari kami:

Ziarah kami ke blog entry anda tanpa di undang...
Moga dengan cara ini kami dapat mengiratkan silaturahim kita bernama insan...

Salallahu ala Muhammad
Salallahu alaihi wassalam

Selawat ke atas-Mu Nabi
Sejahtera ke atas-Mu Rasul

Akhlak yang terpuji
Kau contoh yang tertinggi
al Quran dan Hadith
Itu peninggalan mu
Kami menyintai mu

Sungguh mulianya pekertimu
Sinar bercahaya di wajahmu
Kaulah Nabi kekasih Allah
Kau jadi insan pilihan

Demi umat rela berkorban
Jiwa dan raga kau taruhkan
Demi Tuhan kau tempuhi
Dugaan dan cabaran

Ya Rasulullah
Tika mula kau menerima wahyu
Hatimu resah tiada menentu
Khadijah mengukir kata-kata
Bahwa kau Rasul buat seluruh umat
(Bahwa kau Nabi buat seluruh umat)

Bila kau hampir memejamkan mata
Lidahmu basah menyebut ummati
Kasih sayangmu tak bisa digambar
Hanya selawat pengikat kasih

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