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Future : The " Overland Truck" For More Efficient and Adventurous Safaris

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The OEX by Hamid Reza Bekhradi seems to be the future of the “overland trucks,” currently in use for the touristic overland expeditions. Developed for the year 2020, in collaboration with Fiat Professional design center and IVECO styling office, the concept vehicle largely focuses on improving the visibility of the passengers on board to enhance their experience. Featuring a big porthole with panoramic seats facing the
sides of the road and a hatch on the tail that opens toward the rear, together with a lateral extendible balcony with a built-in binocular, the sightseeing vehicle lets the passengers view as well shoot all around without any obstruction. Check out the videos after the jump.

Integrating a modular powertrain that can be used with different cabins, each designed for a certain type of overland expedition, the OEX comes in two types, A and B, wherein the former is a four wheeler for short-time and short-distance trips that can carry 12 to 15 passengers. While the other version (featured in the images) is a long-distance, long-time vehicle that can carry up to 20 passengers with camping accessories. Both the versions are further categorized in two parts, i.e. OEX-B “All-Terrain” and “African” for African safari drives, and OEX-A “All-Terrain” and “Arctic” for the Arctic tourist expeditions.

The “Modular Platform” of the OEX, has a “series-hybrid system” assisted by a diesel generator, categorizing it as a “Range Extended Electric Vehicle” (REEV). The unique design of the vehicle largely draws inspiration from the shape of the scarab. Whenever the vehicle stops for camping, the canopy located above the cabin opens to give a peep into the natural life. By using some flexible solar panels, which spread to create shadow around the vehicle, the OEX can accumulate electric energy from the sun.

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