Anak Presiden Libya Berbelanja USD $2 Juta Untuk Persembahan Beyonce -

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Anak Presiden Libya Berbelanja USD $2 Juta Untuk Persembahan Beyonce

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Party animals: At a table full of drinks, Muatsim Gaddafi (R), watches Beyonce perform as his friend cheers in delight

Anak Presiden Libya Kolonel Muammar-al Gaddafi, Muatsim Gaddafi.seorang playboy sanggup berhabis wang $2 juta [RM 7 juta] semata-mata untuk menyaksikan persembahan penyanyi terkenal Beyonce's sempena menyambut tahun baru...

 Beyonce performs on stage in St Barts for a New Year's Eve party thrown by the son of Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi

Another of his sons, Moutassim, nicknamed Hannibal, was involved in an incident at Claridge's Hotel in London on Christmas Day when police were called to his £4,000-a-night suite.

Three of security guards were arrested and his wife, Aline Skaf, was taken to hospital with a broken nose. She later claimed that her injuries were the result of an accidental fall.
However, Hannibal has previous for violence against women. In 2005, he was arrested in a Paris hotel for punching a woman and was given a four-month suspended sentence and a £350 fine for assault and in 2008, he was held in police custody in Switzerland for two days for allegedly beating up his servants.


zureen @ mama said...

Iman tak dapat diwarisi..

ALoNa CintamaniszLite said...

anak2 dia pulak agung2kan artis usa...jenoh cenggini..


duit mengalir macam air je ye...
kaya sungguh depa ni

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